IMG_9212-2_AdjustedI created this blog as a place to post my own thoughts and insights into theological topics.  I’m a husband, a father and the Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Church of Jackson, NJ.  My hope is that the articles and resources that I post here will be beneficial to others, but also provide me with the opportunity to refine my own thinking.  I find that the discipline of writing helps to sharpen one’s thinking and leads to a more thorough understanding of the topic being addressed.

The name, My Reformation, is intended to be a reminder to myself and my readers that we should continually be allowing Scripture to challenge our own beliefs and behaviors.  While I will openly confess that I hold to a Reformed understanding of soteriology and believe that the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 articulates a thoroughly biblical expression of Christian doctrine, Scripture must be the final authority on all matters of faith and practice.  While I will be engaging with positions that differ from my own, my goal is to always do so with Christian kindness and humility.  To much of our theological discussion between fellow believers is marked by a lack of love and patience towards those with whom we disagree.  I pray that the article and resources found on this site would honor Christ and demonstrate love for the church that He purchased with His blood.

In Christ,

Brian Reinke
Senior Pastor
Faith Bible Church of Jackson